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Roger Whittaker talks about his crisis

Roger has been married to Natalie for 45 years.
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Moving interview

He laughs. It's a grumpy laugh. The eyes of Roger Whittaker (74) are glittering and aggressive. "You can believe me, to lead a marriage is not easy, " he says. And laugh again. We are sitting in the editorial board of DAS NEUE BLATT.

"Marriage means making compromises. Otherwise it will not work, " explains Roger. He knows what he's talking about. For 45 years he is married to his Natalie (69). Then his look gets serious. His laugh stops. Because he confesses: "Sometimes you make too many compromises. My marriage would almost have failed. " For the first time, the world star talks about his terrible crisis ... The new paper: What happened? Roger Whittaker: It's been several years now. We lived in a beautiful house in England at that time. I felt very comfortable there, unlike my wife. She wanted to leave because she did not understand the neighbors. The new leaf: That's a pity. Roger Whittaker: But I wanted to stay. My heart was very attached to the house. After all, we have also experienced many beautiful moments with our children there. The memories kept me there. But Natalie just did not want to stay. The new paper: But it does not break a marriage, does it? Roger Whittaker: Oh, we can both be stubborn. It went high between us. That was not good for our love. We argued a lot and fiercely. But fortunately, that's the past. The new leaf: how nice! Roger Whittaker: After all, Natalie is a good wife to me. Without her consolation I would have broken the death of my father 21 years ago. The new page: Did you catch your killer in the meantime? Roger Whittaker: No. There is no trace of them. They are probably already dead themselves. The new paper: Has your mother ever talked to you about this terrible day? After all, she was severely mistreated at the time. Roger Whittaker: No. She was silent. Until her death. So she probably wanted to forget the suffering that had been done to her. The new paper: Your mother really did not want to talk about it anymore? Roger Whittaker: Not until her death. We respected that. Finally, we could guess what she went through. I too do not like talking about it ... The new paper: So you also try to forget but can not forgive? Roger Whittaker: That's right. If I did not try to forget my mother's tears, I would break my anger. I can not do that to my wife and children. The new paper: Is the atrocity committed to your parents the reason you did not move back to Africa? Roger Whittaker: Maybe. But apart from that, what am I supposed to do there? My family lives in Europe. No, here I am happy with my wife, here I stay. The new sheet: Can you forget? Roger Whittaker: I still hope to catch and convict the murderers. But I try not to think about it anymore. Because it would be bad thoughts. Full of revenge. And life is too good for that.

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