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Pole Dance: Curvy Emma excites audiences

Emma Haslam not only surprises the jury with her performance.
Photo: youtube / Britain's Got Talent

Britain's Got Talent

We regularly find funny pictures and surprising videos on the World Wide Web! Today: A pole dance number that lets us take off our hats.

Being honest with yourself knows how he would have reacted. Hardly anyone can speak freely about not confronting the young woman with a jar and with a critical eye. Too much we are burdened by prejudice . Emma Haslam weighs 95 kg. And she dances. That body and passion are not a matter of weight makes the curvy woman in Britain's Got Talent clearly.

Can not be a question of optics

Her body is covered by a tight bikini. Emma does not try to cover up or keep anything secret. And that seems to arrive. While the jury looks at her with skeptical eyes, the audience is already falling into thunderous applause. "I want to show that pole dance is not just for 'normal' sizes. I myself am obviously a big lady. And I just hope people will see that I'm good at what I'm doing here. "

Embarrassing? Or brave?

Year after year more or less gifted talents try to prove their skills. While most fail miserably, Emma Haslam convinces all along the line. While she presents herself a little bit inhibited at the beginning, the 27-year-old puts on a dance-floor, which can be seen. It swings and whirls around the pole with an elegance and grace that thrill the audience. Her arms and legs are stretched to the tips of her fingers and toes, her posture graceful and elegant. Without question - the curvy woman is in no way inferior to her thinner colleagues.

The same opinion is also the jury. All four jurors send the mother of a 3-year-old daughter to the next round. The joy is truly written on Emma's face. And also the audience seems enthusiastic. With thunderous applause, they pay tribute to the phenomenal performance of the 27-year-olds. We also applaud and want to call for more courage. Performance is not a question of weight, but a matter of skill! And that Emma Haslam dominated the pole dance, she has more than proven.