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Fake or Fashion? Street style is really that real

Harley Viera-Newton has some of the best off-the-road looks after CLICK ...
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Harley Viera-Newton: Why Streetstyle Still Inspired

Why are we interested in what other people are wearing? Because it is so natural and unaffected. Or? It-Girl Harley Viera-Newton reveals: So real is street style today. And how to still find his look.

We can hardly get enough of streetstyle photos. For one-to-one copying? Nah, that's not the point. To look at the style of other women is so exciting, because you can throw an almost voyeuristic view of what others have so hung in the closet. Because you can steal little weird styling ideas (which, yellow to pink, that works? And chiffon cloth plus cowboy hat is kind of cool ...). And: maybe cut a bit of courage.

But how reliable is street style ? Is it really about the own taste of the Abgelichtet or are the famous It-Girls not all specially dressed for the show before the fashion show of stylists or fashion labels? One who needs to know: Harley Viera-Newton . She is not only one of the much-photographed style icons on the street, she mixes the right soundtrack for fashion shows and is part of the fashion clique around Alexa Chung, Hanneli Mustaparta or Poppy Delevingne . Shortly before the Desigual Show in NYC, we met the multi-talent for an interview. What makes a good look? How do you pose correctly? And how "real" is that still? Did Harley Viera-Newton answer us all ...

Harley Viera-Newton and fashion favorite Poppy Delevingne.

"My tip for a perfect outfit, just be yourself, do not frantically follow any trend, " says Harley Viera-Newton in an interview. "The women who look best are always those whose outfits work effortlessly, they feel good in their clothes and great in their skins."

And that's exactly what we want from streetstyle photos: Looks with ease that exude a lot of individuality! But are they still there? "What began with small snapshots is a real phenomenon today, a business, and we're all pretty saturated with the flood of images in social media, " says Harley Viera-Newton. "But even today, I still believe that when someone is just himself, he stands out from the crowd, and from the crazy photo-delusion stands out the one who has really good style." Only a fa├žade can not be credibly maintained in the long run. "

"You need to know your own personal style, which means wearing clothes! They're 75 percent part of my closet, preferably with a vintage look, " she says. "Even though I buy new clothes, I always look for the one with the greatest retro appeal, with a modern update being the accessories, like a trendy bag, mixing old and new is always great, and the mix lends every outfit that certain something . "

Harley Viera-Newton with super blogger Hanneli Mustaparta.

"An It Girl has one thing in store for me: radiance, " says Harley Viera-Newton. "I prefer to be inspired by people, places, colors, the vibes of a city, and of course my girlfriends." No wonder, Harley Viera-Newton's girls' clique includes style icons like Alexa Chung, Cara and Poppy Delevingne, Leigh Lezark or Hanneli Mustaparta . "They have everything: flawless messy hair, barely make-up - and just look perfect as they are." Harley's motto: Girl Power! And that's what the DJane is referring to: "For example, for the Desigual show, I put together a playlist full of good-feeling moments, the brand stands for strong, independent women, fun and energy." They do not take themselves too seriously, smile a lot, as if they were just walking down the street just feeling great, it's totally contagious! "

And after the show? Sure, some photos! "My outfits on streetstyle pictures tend to be rather simple, with sunglasses to hide tired eyes and open-ended hair if make-up does not want to sit, " says Harley Viera-Newton. What is missing? Humor. Because, when we've learned one thing, the most important thing for a cool look is still to stay relaxed - even if "The Sartorialist" comes with the camera.

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