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Prince George: Cover for the first birthday

Prince George on the cover of the Vanity Fair.
Photo: Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair makes a very special gift for him

Prince George is not even a year old and already graces the cover of the Vanity Fair. For his first birthday, the magazine makes him a special gift.

How the time flies! In a few weeks Prince George will be one year old . On the 22nd of July, the sweet Wonneproppen celebrates his first birthday together with his parents Kate and William. The Vanity Fair is already making a very special present for him: Prince George on the cover of the August issue.

Wherever Prince George appears, he is celebrated and loved. Not infrequently he steals the show from his parents. The mischievous smile, the sweet dimples, the big chubby cheeks - you just have to love the little prince.

The photo: not put. A snapshot showing mom and dad with a happy-go-lucky George on a zoo visit to Australia. Very modest and informal. Very sympathic.

Inside the magazine, Royal expert Katie Nicholl blithely chats about the little prince's first year of life . She is to reveal that Kate and William are relieved that their little rascal behave so well in public. We think so too. And because premature birthday congratulations bring bad luck, we wait until July 22nd and say Happy Birthday, little George !!!