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The last selfie - Collette Moreno dies in a car crash

It is the last photo of Collette Moreno.
Photo: facebook
  1. Bride dies on the way to her hen party
  2. What happened?
  3. The luck seemed perfect

Bride dies on the way to her hen party

It's Collette's last selfie. She wanted to get married, have children. Eight minutes later, Collette Moreno dies in a car accident.

Anticipation is known to be the most beautiful pleasure. So also with these two girls: Collette Moreno and Ashley Theobald on their way to Collette hen party. They are silly, have fun. Enjoy life. And take selfies. One last selfie . Then: an accident.

What happened?

The best friends are on their way to Laze Ozark, a US state in Missouri. Ashley is behind the wheel. In front of them a truck. Ashley wants to overtake, overlooks an oncoming truck and crashes unchecked into the car. Your car is thrown off the road.

Ashley is only slightly injured, looking immediately after her friend Collette. " I talked to her, but she did not answer, and when she started nodding her head, I was relieved, I did not know it was that bad for her, " she said, "but she was not seriously injured. " US television Fox. Immediately, the young women are taken to the hospital. Three hours after the accident, Collette Moreno succumbs to her injuries.

The luck seemed perfect

She wanted to marry. On July 26, she was to give her fiancée Jesse Arcobasso the "say". The ceremony was already planned. Then everything changed. Collette Moreno is dead. She leaves a son. " At the hospital, I just clung to the thought that everything will be fine again. Now I have to explain to her son Braden what happened to his mom. He asks all the time when he finally gets to see his mother. "

What remains for the two are memories. And one last selfie that at least shows how happy the young woman was.

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