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Norbert Rier: "The Lord God has given me so rich!

Norbert Rier is grateful for a rich harvest.
Photo: imago / Horst Galuschka

Why Thanksgiving is important for the folk music star

There is blessing on his pasture. Now in the fall, the singer is aware of this again and again.

A deep feeling of gratitude grabs Norbert Rier (52). Now in early autumn, the singer of the "Kastelruther Spatzen" and his family celebrate the harvest festival (30 September). "We had a good harvest this year and the weather was kind to us, and the Lord gave me so much, and I'm grateful for that."

With his wife Isabella (53), Nobert Rier cultivates the "Fuschghof" near Castelrotto (South Tyrol), where he also grows corn, potatoes, tomatoes, zucchini, carrots and even fruits. The father of four has realized: "You have to appreciate nature and you should not be fooled with it."

Especially the traditional celebration with its alpine tradition of Thanksgiving is very important to him. In a festive procession, the youth carries colorful, magnificent fruit and vegetable baskets through the village. "I'm glad that this tradition is still upheld in our country, " says a delighted Norbert Rier .

The sympathetic musician enjoys the quiet autumnal moments on his alpine meadow with a view of the sublime mountains and lush meadows. "There is nothing better for me, " he enthuses. Gorgeous peace and quiet before it goes round again: from the 12th to the 14th of October the "Spatzenfest" takes place. But these are also days that make him happy ...

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