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New boss: Is he re-making our Lidl branches?

Another idea again? What is Lidl's new boss doing?
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Change of boss at Lild - new shop concepts

Just Lidl has taught us in a really big advertising campaign, which makes really good food. Maybe everything will be new soon!

For weeks, Lidl has been trying to convince us with a huge advertising campaign that there is no other quality store like Lidl in any other discount store. We have learned what makes "good bread" and "good chocolate". That Lidl has extremely committed employees - and would like to treat them decently. Quite as harmonious as in the corresponding TV spot, the mood can not have been, at least in the executive suites of Lidl Germany. Surprisingly, Lidl top manager Matthias Raimund gives up the job.

All the more exciting, what happens now: From now on, a man decides about our Lidl branches, which stands for a lot of new things. Daniel Marrasch was previously Italy's head of the discount chain. There he made sure that the first Lidl stores did not just look good in TV spots.

Near Verona, a Mega-Lidl has been opening since autumn: with a huge area of ​​1, 300 square meters, large windows and chic, clear rows of shelves in wider corridors. From the outside, the new building is no longer blue, but gray. A new bakery and toilets tangibly improve the quality of shopping.

How chic that would be if we can shop in Germany in the Lidl soon ... In this sense: We look forward to what is coming!