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Naked woman gets stuck in the chimney of her ex-boyfriend

Photo: Twitter / CAL FIRE Riverside / Photographer: Jared Hazelaar

Fire department rescues naked woman from chimney

A woman tries to get into the house of her ex-boyfriend over the chimney and thus ensures a bizarre firefighting operation in the New Year.

Surprised, alarmed firefighters from the Riverside district of California would not be in any bad mood when they reached their location. Whether they are called more often to save a naked woman from the chimney of a fireplace?

But how did that happen?

In the early morning of 3 January, an unknown 35-year-old tried to get into the house of her ex-partner. Since she found the front door locked, she apparently saw no other option than to get through the chimney access to the home of her ex. Why this seemed like a good idea at this time is not known. Today the woman should think differently about her intention.

Because instead of slipping without difficulty , the woman got stuck in the chimney . It did not help that she had taken off her clothes before. Her ex-partner Tony Hernandez was awakened by her cry for help and tried unsuccessfully to free her from the chimney. In the end, however, he had to call the fire department. The alerted forces finally had to punch a hole in the wall to free the stuck naked woman .

She was hospitalized with minor injuries. In total, the woman, who has three children with her ex-partner, was stuck in the sooty chimney for two hours .

What really prompted the 35-year-old to try at five o'clock in the morning to get into her ex's home is not clear. However, it seems to have been urgent. Without a valid reason, nobody would undress and try to slip down a chimney.

With this action, the woman has now secured a little dubious fame. The reason for this is likely to be the photos published by the Riverside District Fire Department after their use on Twitter. Here, among other things, the soiled bare legs of the mother of three can be seen.

Technical Rescue this morning at Rancho Viejo in Woodcrest. Photo Credit, Engineer Jared Hazelaar. #Rancho

- CAL FIRE Riverside (@CALFIRERRU) 3 January 2015

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