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Engagement with Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Calder?

Eleanor Calder spotted in France with new ring

Louis Tomlinson, Eleanor Calder / ©

While the spokesperson for One Direction member Louis Tomlinson recently said he was definitely not engaged to his girlfriend Eleanor Calder after an ambiguous Twitter message from his famous client, the situation may have changed. Rumors once again arose that the 21-year-old had made a proposal to his girlfriend, during a trip to France together. Just the couple in love were observed at Nice airport, where Eleanor Calder with a new ring on her Ring finger, which she wagged pointedly into the camera. Engagement ring or travel souvenir - what flashes on Eleanor Calder's fingers? Just a souvenir? Well possible, but it is also known that the couple is inseparable. Eleanor Calder accompanies Louis Tomlinson at every turn as he races around the world with his band. In itself, however, the new piece of jewelry in the shape of a rose does not look like a classic engagement ring, but more like a fashion accessory. The female fans of Louis can therefore continue to hope and dream.SE