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Men's Check: How to See Through Men

Everything could be so nice if there were not one or the other misunderstanding between husband and wife.
Photo: Laura Doss / Corbis

20 things that explain us a man

With our mini-guide you will learn to understand men better: these 20 little things reveal more about him than he is likely to love.

If he has many pictures in his cell phone, he can not listen well

The need to constantly snap everything proves namely of inner restlessness and poor ability to concentrate.

His apartment shows if he is ready for love

A look into the bathroom is worth it: there are still coconut hair conditioner, nail polish remover and Co., the ex is probably even more present than he admits.

If he sends sms, he needs security

No text message without emoticon? He is afraid of being misunderstood and needs someone who makes him feel like making mistakes.

His dance style reveals his kissing qualities

The sense of rhythm proves a good body feeling in men . Kissing is fun with it!

His online profile tells us how important we are to him

Funny snapshots and a list of friends that does not exceed the limit of 400 let us guess that he is doing everything we can to make us feel good.

If he does not call for four days, he is not on us

Sure, waiting is stupid, but if he still does not answer on day four, he's not particularly interested. For real.

He just gets it that we want something from him when we touch him "by accident"

Inconspicuous touches are an easy way to make contact with the object of desire in clubs and bars. And he thinks it was his idea.

If he has many interests, he is guaranteed to be able to bind

Men who have many hobbies can get involved in something. Good for us!

If he is a shopping freak he likes to be conquered

His outfit is particularly important to him? Then maybe he just hides his shyness behind his fashion fa├žade.

If he is often late, he is not a fan of affairs

His punctuality has one advantage: he is too scary to cheat, because he does not have enough organizational talent.

If he manages the remote control, he can handle criticism

He likes to choose the program? Then he is also capable of criticizing. Finally, he endures just as easily our nagging on his station selection.

Holding hands shows how intimate his love is

If he puts our fingers in his hand while walking hand in hand, he sees in us more than just a short-term love.

When we are ill, it shows how much he cares about us

If you watch next to us at night and give us a goodnight kiss in spite of Schnabel nose, can imagine a future with us.

If he speaks badly about his ex, he does not want anything solid

Only those who show respect after the separation want to seriously invest feelings and effort in a relationship.

A bun gentleman has father qualities

If he asks us which bread roll we want, he first thinks of others. Papa material!

If he knows no jealousy, he attaches importance to loyalty

If you spy on the partner for no reason, you often have something to hide yourself.

He likes to surround himself with girls, he needs recognition

Men who have almost only female friends are often admired. So we should do that from time to time.

If he calls Mutti on a regular basis, he is sensitive

Such a person also has an open ear for our worries.

If he often comes home late, he takes care of us

When "overtime" and after-work activities pile up, he wants to hide job stress from us.

If he has a green thumb, he goes out of his way

Men who like to garden, like it rather quiet and comfortable. No drama please!