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Courage for ugliness: grimace selfies for more self-confidence

Grimace selfies for more confidence.

Women who dare to be ugly

These girls draw grimaces and make faces. They post selfies on which they are anything but beautiful. And obviously have no problem with it.

Every woman has a chocolate side. Day by day it is put in the right light. A lascivious look, kissing pouty lips - the selfie has to be right. Photoshop erases small pimples and filter programs provide the special atmosphere. A boring uniformity.

Not so with these selfies . Bedroom view, double chin, crater landscape: These women show courage to ugliness. The Tumblr blog ' Pretty Girls Making Ugly Faces ' collects selfies that are anything but beautiful. The girls draw grimaces, make funny faces. And always it is the same person. Extremely funny and extremely crazy!

Funny, normal, sympathetic - just out of life. We like the ugly selfies 1000 times better than the beautiful ones! Beauty is just in the eye of the beholder. And the chocolate side too.

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