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Knit beanie hat - simple guide

This red beanie hat by Lamana about we knit quite easily. Here's the right guide.
Photo: LAMANA about

Made with love: Knit beanie hat by Lamana

You want to knit a hat, but do not know how? No problem! Thanks to this easy-to-understand, simple guide this beanie also succeeds without Granny's help.

Knit cap? Here you will find the instructions for the model in the photo.

Knit cap with circular needle - let's go!

Size: M

Material: Lamana Cusco (100% Baby Alpaca, approx. 85m / 50g) 650g eg in Jeans 12, 1 Circular Needle No. 3, 5 / 60cm, 1 Circular Needle No. 4, 5 / 80cm, 1 Maschenraffer and 1 Wollnadel

Stitch sample: 15 m × 21 r = 10 × 10 cm • Basic pattern - Smooth right: row to the left, back row to the left

Instructions: Cast on 2 threads with knitting needle no. 8 - 68 m and knit 20 cm in basic pattern. Knit the 6th and 7th sts together in the next two rows on the right, knit the 3rd and 4th sts in the next two right rows, then knit the 2nd and 3rd in the next two rows on the right. and finally in the next two right rows knit the 1st and 2nd stitches together. After this r cut off the working thread generously, thread the remaining m with the wool needle and sew well.

Completion: Stretch the part and let it dry under a damp cloth. Close the back seam and sew the threads.

Terms used: m = mesh, rm = edge stitch, r = row, hr = row, rr = back row, rD = round, re = right, left = left, fe = tight, right = all rows are knit right, smooth right = 1. r and all odd rows are knitted.

2nd row and all straight rows are knitted mm = stitch marker

ms = pattern set

We discovered the instructions for knit hat on, a do-it-yourself platform in the net. The digital handyman school offers you how-to videos, so you can easily sew, knit or crochet your own creations. Complete sets with materials you can order directly. Exclusively there is now also the particularly high-quality wool of the label LAMANA in 12 material boxes.

How it works Step by step is unique, no matter if dress, scarf or our pretty hat in red. Need some help with your beanie? The right video course is here .