Recommended, 2020

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Gift: Sprout glass

  • Cotton wool or soil to germinate (some of the soil is also available in the drugstore or just ask the flower shop for the small amount)
  • Seed for sprouts (drugstore, about 0.50 - 1 Euro)
  • Fabric remainder of approx.

      15 cm diameter
    • colorful cord (craft shop)
    • fabric scissors

    1. Add the nutrient medium to the preserving jar. Sprinkle the seeds over it. Water a little bit.

    2. Open the glass in a warm, bright place.

    3. With regular moistening, the bean sprouts germinate after 7-10 days.

    4. To give the germinated sprouts, cut out the fabric in a circle and fasten it with the cord around the glass opening.

    5th maybe. Before doing so, cut small holes in the fabric so that the sprouts can breathe.