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Glue away pain with the Kinesio tape

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  1. That's how it's done!
  2. Healing is accelerated
  3. Seven days duration of action

That's how it's done!

Can pain and tension be easily removed? One can: The Japanese physician Dr. Kenzo Kase developed a special patch over many years: highly elastic, breathable and skin-friendly. His plan: The kinesio tape ("kinesis" = Greek for movement) should move with the skin and alleviate the various complaints noticeably.

For a long time European doctors shook their heads over this idea. Today, 30 years later, the colorful cotton strips prevail as a healing method in more and more practices and clinics. In contrast to normal, rigid patches, the Kinesio tape (eg pharmacy) can expand by 50 percent of its actual size. The natural movements of the body are therefore not affected by the special patches.

Healing is accelerated

"With the Kinesio tape, the skin is massaged with every movement, lymph and blood flow are stimulated, " explains the sports therapist and tape expert John Langendoen.

"Inflammation fades faster, the pressure decreases and thus the pain, usually shortly after taping." By targeted sticking the reflex zones are also positively influenced heart, stomach and intestine. In the following complaints, the use of colorful tapes has already proven itself: Arthrosis, lymphedema, tennis elbow, head and stomach pain, back pain and swelling.

Seven days duration of action

In the opinion of John Langendoen, there is hardly a problem anyway in which the patch does not help. Actually, these special patches should be pasted by a doctor or physiotherapist. However, Langendoen has developed a program that explains step by step to laymen how tapes are used.

Ideally, a relief of the symptoms occurs immediately after sticking. However, if the symptoms do not improve or even worsen after 12 hours, you should definitely see a doctor.

The advantage of the tapes is that they can stay on the skin for up to seven days - and work just as long. Those who do not trust the application of special patches without help, find therapists here .