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The club of children wives

Exchange, expert advice and support on the way to pregnancy - in the Clearblue Club on

"Juhuuu!" It sounds through the Internet: In the Clearblue Club on, one of the largest fertility forums in the German-speaking network, announces a Userin the longed-for pregnancy. Two years, she writes, she had tried it, with the help of a fertility monitor and the support in the club, it worked now. At first attempt. "Congratulation!" it echoes back in the club of children wives.

The Clearblue Club has been in existence for more than a year now and has since happily accompanied many women who wish to have children to the desired child. With this campaign, fertility expert Clearblue in cooperation with supports couples in their baby plan with expert advice, information - and, of course, thumb pressing.

Exchange with like-minded people, protected in the anonymity of a carefully moderated forum, paired with the direct line to experts in matters of child desire and fertility - that's what makes the Clearblue Club so successful. Three experts quickly and competently answer questions about uncertainties when using the Clearblue Fertility Monitor or other fertility products.

In addition, a gynecologist is available twice a month to assist women with their advice in an online consultation. A newsletter provides entertaining monthly information on a particular aspect of pregnancy. "I am very glad that you receive so much support on your way to the Desired Child", a member of the club thanks, just one of countless thank-you posts in the Clearblue Club.

Women can help their children's wishes with the help of Clearblue Kinderwunsch products:

The Clearblue Ovulation Test shows the two best days to naturally get pregnant. He determines the pregnancy hormone LH, which triggers ovulation. Once the highest LH surge in the urine has been measured, the device displays a smiley on the display. To increase the chance of pregnancy, the couple should have sexual intercourse within the next 48 hours.

The Clearblue Fertility Monitor increases the likelihood of pregnancy by 89 percent *. He measures the two hormones LH and estradiol. As the only fertility test, he identifies six to eight fertile days in the woman's cycle - that's four to six days more than other ovulation tests. He therefore indicates up to one week BEFORE ovulation that the fertile phase has begun. Sperm are able to "wait" for up to a week in the woman's body for ovulation. The user sees at a glance whether her fertility will be low (one bar), high (two bars) or maximum (three bars + egg symbol) during the next 24 hours.

Whether the thumb pressure was successful, the Clearblue DIGITAL pregnancy test with weekly determination in plain text shows. Instead of abstract symbols, which must first be interpreted, the display clearly states in words: "pregnant" or "not pregnant". As the only pregnancy test, he also indicates since when the condition is: "1-2" weeks, "2-3" weeks or "3+" weeks. This allows you to calculate the expected date of birth immediately.

Attention: The gynecologist uses the first day of the last period to calculate the date of birth, the Clearblue DIGITAL Pregnancy Test with Weekly Determination the actual date of the admittance and that is an average cycle of 28 days about 2 weeks after the last one Period. Therefore, the gynecologist's due date is about two weeks before the Clearblue appointment.

The Clearblue Club on is open for all couples with children. For the active participation in the club is only a registration at requirement. You can find the Clearblue-Club at the following link:

* "Fertility and Sterility", Feb. 2007 Vol. 87 (2). The study was conducted on 649 women, 302 of whom used the Clearblue Fertility Monitor.

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