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Matthew Burdette: Bullying victim commits suicide

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  1. Student takes his own life for intimate video
  2. The video of Matthew Burdette spread within hours
  3. His parents knew nothing

Student takes his own life for intimate video

Because a secretly filmed video showed him masturbating, a 14-year-old killed himself. The school did nothing about the bullying attacks.

What an incredible drama: Matthew Burdette from San Diego was a bright, happy boy - until the 14-year-old suddenly took his own life! The reason: The violent bullying attacks of classmates and strangers over the Internet.

The video of Matthew Burdette spread within hours

It all started when Matthew Burdette was one day expelled for soaking sunflower seeds. Actually a bagatelle, but then the misfortune took its course. The student went to the school toilet and satisfied himself there. A classmate watched him secretly and filmed the boy. Then he put the video on several social networks online, so it spread rapidly.

Matthew Burdette was the victim of violent bullying attacks over the next few days. Both through the Internet and through his own classmates who made fun of him and humiliated him . Two weeks later, the fully-fledged Matthew finished his life.

His parents knew nothing

His parents, who had not noticed the bullying, found him lifeless in his room in the morning . When they learned what had happened, they blamed the school for having heard something from teachers. But the school management does not want to know about the psycho terror against Matthew Burdette. Whether the classmate who put the video online was punished at all, was for a long time unclear.

Meanwhile, a claim for damages in the millions of dollars against the school district San Diego runs. But even if Matthew Burdette's parents are right, it will not bring back their son, whom they remember as so jolly.

Moving video: A bullying victim struggles

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