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Miley Cyrus: No lawsuit against vagina image

Did Perez Hilton do Miley Cyrus a favor?

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus fans around the world would most like to see Perez Hilton behind bars for what he did to their idol on his website, but apparently neither they nor the authorities are indignant with the incident. The blogger god had posted a photo of the Can not be Tamed singer, showing her getting out of a car, glancing at her vagina. Child pornography was shouted on all sides, because Miles is only 17, and if they can appear on the naked even on the stage, but such a recording can not be allowed, especially since it should have been a photo montage anyway. Who thinks Miley Cyrus would sue Perez Hilton for being completely misfired. Although she reacted, but consistently behaved: If people believe something, they believe everything - and why this had to happen just before the release of their new album? But we ask ourselves that and wonder a little whether the scandal of Miley was not so unintentional. Any talk is in such a case so good talk and can drive the media presence as well as sales only in the air, and let's face it - the Hannah Montana star and her family have stopped at nothing so far to market them accordingly Asked about the law: Beverly Hills Defense Attorney Howard Price explains that it's just child pornography when a sexual act is shown, not just when it's about depicting body parts, even if it's intended for sexual arousal, That, in turn, was not the reason why Perez showed the picture anyway! If he had manipulated the recording, however, it would be a cause for complaint of defamation. Hilton's lawyer responded immediately, emphasizing that the image had not been faked or altered in any way. What We Learn From It: Miley Cyrus wears no panties and in future she should just be more careful when getting out of a car - unless the whole hype is coming in. Could you imagine the intention behind the unfortunate reception of Miley Cyrus paused to stir the media drum? SE