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Jeans Trend Jeans Trend 2017: This is the length we wear this summer

We love jeans: Especially in summer, a casual jeans is our best companion. But with the perfect jeans, the length is crucial.

That's the right jeans length for the summer
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Although our favorite jeans accompany us all year round, in the summer the jeans are perfect because they can be combined with anything. A white lace blouse with jeans conjures up a great romantic look. If you prefer sexy, wear a trendy body to highwaist jeans.

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No matter if tube or mom jeans, a pair of jeans will look great if it's the right length. And there's a simple formula for that: a hand's width above the ankle. This formula always fits, because smaller women not only usually have shorter legs, but also smaller hands.

If you now realize, "Oh Jeee, my pants are way too long", then just cut them off. Especially hip this summer are frayed trouser legs or braids. You can easily cut them yourself or attach the border with ironing strap. And your perfect summer jeans look is ready.

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