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The bad fight over his Helene

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Florian Silbereisen

How is this supposed to end?

At the age of three, she came to Germany from distant Siberia, to the homeland of her ancestors - and Helene Fischer (25) not only managed to gain a foothold here, she even made it to a great career as a singer. She says with gratitude: "So far I have had a lot of luck, I have been able to turn my hobby into my job. And I love my job, the stage is my life. "On top of that, the show career also brought her private happiness: that's how she got to know her dream man - the TV presenter Florian Silbereisen (28).

Everything would be perfect - if there were not the nasty dispute that rages these days around Helene and her pop rival Michelle (37). And Florian Silbereisen is not entirely innocent of that ...

Because he invited Michelle unceremoniously in his next show, "The autumn festival of folk music, " on 17 October. Although his Helene appears there! The fans of Helene see it as an affront. Because the supporters of the two singers already deliver themselves for weeks a fierce duel on the Internet. And they really do not mince words!

The Helene Fischer supporters say absolutely: "Helene has more personality and level than Michelle will ever have." And: "Michelle is calculating, and only Helene is the new German Schlager queen." The Michelle fans shoot bad poison darts back: "Helene is just a copy of Michelle. Her charisma will never match Michelle's. "

Now both singers in Florian's show vie for the favor of the audience. Florian Silbereisen is in the face of the dispute over the two singers unbiased: "I'm just happy that both are with me as a guest. Above all, it's great that a big star like Michelle is celebrating a comeback with me. "

But even if he may not admit it: His invitation to Michelle certainly provides in private life for discussion.

And what woman could not understand if Helene got a little jealous of pretty Michelle ...

The manager of Helene Fischer, Uwe Kanthak, assesses the situation in relation to NEUE POST as follows: "We have already noticed this duel situation, but we have no fear of contact."

Helene does not comment - but Michelle hints at NEUE POST that she is self-confidently dealing with the situation and is not afraid of confronting Helene. Michelle: "I'm not copying, I really do not see Helene as a competitor."

Really not? Or does she just want to use the dispute now to stir the drum for her new CD and to build on old successes?

One thing is certain: The next autumn festival of folk music will certainly be exciting ...

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