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Family dramaHappy mother kills her three children and then herself

Fiona Anderson was seven months pregnant when she killed her three children and then herself.
Photo: Police Suffolk

23-year-old mother drowns her three children

23-year-old Fiona Anderson was seven months pregnant when she drowned her three children. Only a short time after the crime she killed herself.

An incredible tragedy: On April 15, 2013, Fiona Anderson, a 23-year-old from Suffolk, was found dead. She had fallen from a parking garage to her death. A little later, the police discovered the lifeless bodies of three children of the pregnant mother. Three-year-old Levina was in her mother's bed with her two-year-old brother Andy and 11-month-old Kyden. As it turned out, they were drowned by their own mother . Then Fiona Anderson put her three children together in their double bed.

According to new information, according to the Daily Mail, Fiona Anderson has drowned her three children in her own bathroom. Each of the children also had a small heart painted on his torso and traces of lipstick on his forehead. According to the investigating detective, the police also found three messages that Fiona Anderson had written on the walls. One of them said, "I put them to bed with their teddies - they loved their teddies." Also on a wall was "I love her and I will protect her." The last message read: "They lie snuggled together and sleep, they look so peaceful." The mother, who is seven months pregnant, is also said to have written the names of her three children on the body as well as 'Eve', the name of her unborn child.

The night before the incident, Fiona Anderson argued with her ex-boyfriend Craig McClellan, who told her that he had a new girlfriend. Fiona should not have been able to handle the situation. She even stabbed her ex-partner. However, McClellan communicated this to the police only later, in order not to bring his ex-girlfriend and the mother of his children in trouble.

The youth welfare office Fiona Anderson was already known since her first pregnancy in 2009. Since then, employees have been with the family more than 50 times. However, no steps were taken to deprive children of their mother's care. Now the youth welfare office is in the criticism, since it is assumed that the children could have been saved, if appropriate measures would have been initiated.