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King Carl Gustaf and Silvia on anniversary tour

King Carl Gustaf and his Silvia have every reason to celebrate.
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There is a lot to celebrate

In the Swedish royal family there is a lot to celebrate this year! In addition to a wedding (Princess Madeleine (35), June 8) and a big birthday (Daniel's 40th on September 15), the 40th jubilee of King Carl Gustaf (66) is at the top - with a series of events covering the entire nation keeps you busy all year round.

It started with the anniversary activities on Tuesday, when King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia (69) started their tour through all 21 provinces of Sweden. It was Kalmar's turn first, Kronoberg today, Jönköping tomorrow.

Just in time for the start of this mammoth trip, Swedish journalists learned details from Hofmarschall Kurt Svensson. Accordingly, the monarch pair will each stay one full day in each province, stopping at three or four places. Pure friendships that should not be coupled with public commitments such as initiations, memorial revelations, or award ceremonies. The contact with the population is a priority, they say.

Since such a jubilee tour for the court is elaborate in the planning and for the two main characters very exhausting, it continues for Carl Gustaf and Silvia "bit by bit" on. Halland, Scania and Blekinge will be on the 4th, 5th and 6th of April, and the Royal Visits will end on the 11th of September in Jamtland.

As the court further informs, for King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia with this round trip through their country endless fond memories are connected. Both have honored every city in their 37 years of marriage, in many places they have been many times - both officially and privately.

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