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Is ibuprofen prolonging our lives?

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Does it really exist, the pill that prolongs our lives? What Pippi has longed for in her films could now become reality: a pill that gives us a longer life.

Stop the signs of time - that would be something! Who would not like to look like the late 30s in their early 50s and climb the treetops together with their grandchildren a few years later? There are a number of medications that stop aging. And some of them, we already have at home.

One of the most popular painkillers is ibuprofen . It lowers fever, inhibits inflammation and stops aging. According to a recent study, the Medikamt should be able to extend life by up to 15 percent - at least that of fruit flies, roundworms and yeasts. But experts are sure that the drug also works in the human body. How exactly this effect comes is still unclear. The scientists suspect that the analgesic ibuprofen is related to the cellular uptake of the essential amino acid tryptophan. In short: Ibuprofen promotes the absorption of vital nutrients. This leads not only to a longer but also to a healthier life - as the study shows.

In addition to the painkiller ibuprofen, the analgesic aspirin should significantly prolong our lives . According to research by Queen Mary University, aspirin reduces the risk of cancer, in particular prostate cancer, lung cancer, esophageal cancer and colon cancer, by up to 60 percent . In addition, it prevents thrombosis, stroke and heart attack through its blood-thinning effects .

But beware! This article should not be a plea for a daily dose of painkillers. On the contrary: Ibuprofen and aspirin are harmful to the liver in large quantities and promote cardiovascular disease, heart attacks and strokes.

Even if science is now looking specifically for anti-aging remedies, we look forward to newly won laugh lines and continue to dream of the "desire of eternal youth".