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Helene Fischer and Florian Silbereisen: The secret love pact

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A New Year - not only time to make good intentions, but also a wonderful opportunity to make plans for the future. Especially when it comes to heart matters. This is what Florian Silbereisen (29) and Helene Fischer (26) did. Because in their romantic winter vacation for two, the two have a secret love pact closed!

A fine dinner, candlelight, sparkling champagne - just the right atmosphere to talk about love . And Florian Silbereisen and Helene Fischer realized that this will be our year! And love should again come first. "We want to do everything in 2011 to ensure that we have enough time for ourselves, " says Florian Silbereisen. After all, the diary of both is full again this year. The showmaster is ten times in front of the camera for his "Festivals of Folk Music" . And he is with the "Spring Festival" from 17 February in Germany and neighboring countries on tour. And Helene Fischer is also touring Germany and Austria from May. That's why they are planning exactly when to take their time. Flori and Helene Fischer have deliberately decided not to go on tour at the same time, says Helene Fischer: "It's better that way. That's the only way we can easily visit each other. " Of course, Flori also wants to support her professionally, especially since she wants to moderate more. And who has more experience than Flori? And they want to see each other as often as possible. With time-outs for love, without a cell phone, far away from everyday stress. Maybe enjoy cozy hours in a cozy cuddly hotel, go for a walk, and just be there for the others - just like any couple who has a long-distance relationship.

And of course they are already planning a wonderful summer vacation together again - possibly in a diving paradise. For Flori and Helene Fischer, there is nothing better than to observe colorful and exotic fish while diving: "We always fill up with energy, " Florian Silbereisen enthuses. Sure, this year, her love will grow even more - and maybe even by other beautiful news will be crowned! Finally Florian Silbereisen turns 30 in August . Exactly the right age to think of a wedding and a family. We look forward to your lucky year!