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Blogger Kristina with a travelogue

Driven by my work as a flight attendant, but also in the private life of insatiable lust for discovery, I have yet to visit and discover some cities. Today I want to show you an inspiring city, which often has to hide behind its well-known big sister, but this is hardly inferior.

Photo: Guest blogger Kristina

Who has the choice between a trip to Paris or Marseille, most probably decides for Paris. Of course: there is the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre (which enchants especially at night) and for us women very important: the Champs Elysée. But honestly, these places are not something sucked? Do not you know them so well that when you go there, you hardly notice anything new? Every child knows what the Eiffel Tower looks like, but hardly anyone has heard of the Marché du Soleil in the heart of Marseille. A comparison of the two cities limps - Paris is well-maintained, sophisticated. Marseille is disreputable, rough. But that makes the appeal. In Marseille you discover beautiful places on the ruins, people who spend their everyday life on the street. People are lazier than elsewhere, lazy. But who in the morning strolls through the fish market in the old port, discovered something that one often misses in Paris: authenticity. And yet Marseille also tries to outgrow: In 2013, it will be the European Capital of Culture. Whether the quick renovation succeeds? Probably not. But there are places like the wonderful Museum in the Charité, in the middle of the Panier, which is the scene of numerous thrillers, which show that there are places full of culture in Marseille. Again and again the museum manages to show works of famous artists in interesting exhibitions. For us women, shopping is well known. Marseille offers on Rue Paradis all imaginable designer and brand shops, on the Rue de la République and on the Rue Saint-Férreol shops of the chains H & M, Zara, NafNaf, Mango, 123 etc. But who wants to make real bargains, buys at the Rue de Rom shoes in shops run by Arabs. You can find sandals for 10 euros, pumps for 18 euros etc. The quality and designs are different good. But I have already found some shoes there that have lasted for a very long time and for which I have received many compliments back in Switzerland. Who enjoyed a day full of excitement and discovery, culture shocks (yes, that is partly) and extensive shopping has, who sits down in the late afternoon in a central café, enjoys a Pastis and watches the spectacle of the people on the streets. La vie est belle.Kristina from ||

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