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A reporter needs to do what he has to do. In Ludos (Til Schweiger) case, this means that he - always accompanied by Paparazzo Moritz (Matthias Schweighöfer) - chases after every nasty story for his Sudelblatt - regardless of losses.

When he tries to impose a dirty secret on a heavyweight boxer and his girlfriend (Wladimir Klitschko and Yvonne Catterfeld), he accidentally lands in their engagement cake - and the misfortune takes its course ...

"I always thought you were a total bottle in bed." - "Funny, I thought the same of you."

Liberated from the last cream test of the cake, Ludo ends up in court and receives 300 hours of community service. In a daycare - a disaster for the professional cynic. But he has to do what he has to do. Only that means in this case: He suddenly has to be nice to children and do so pointless things like patchless cuddly bunnies patch together - and all this under the supervision of kindergarten teacher Anna (Nora Tschirner). Just stupid that Ludo is no stranger to her: In childhood, he has maltreated and teased the bra-wearing, großbebrillte Anna. The clasp she is going on today, the glasses she still carries heavy. One more reason that - even if years have passed since - suffered tribulations finally repay. Anna puts almost impossible tasks on the once nasty Ludo - and he has no choice but to obey her instructions. Because he does not spurt, Ludo will have to spend the rest of the community hours in prison.

"What, I used to be a gymnast."

It comes as it has to come: Between Anna and Ludo a fierce showdown ensues. And as so often, the sex struggle is associated with some emotions: the bitchy Anna falls in love with her opponent. And also Ludo makes some changes: between sandpit and gossip he discovers himself - and his affection for eyeglasses snakes with helper syndrome. If only there was not his continued fondness for stars, asterisks and all sorts of scandals ...

After "Barfuß" Til Schweiger has landed the second big coup in a double job leading actor / director: "Keinohrhasen" can rightly call itself one of the funniest romantic comedies of the year. That may be because Mastermind Schweiger leaves nothing to chance. He even picked out the soundtrack himself (which is more than successful with the terrific "Apologize" remix of Timbaland and One Republic as well as some unmissable great new songs by Reamonn-frontman Rea Garvey, by the way!), And we want the cast do not talk first: Apart from Nora Tschirner, Matthias Schweighöfer and Schweiger even glitter as a side (!) Actors such as Jürgen Vogel, Armin Rohde, Rick Kavanian and Christian Tramitz. Paired with very charming jokes and an actually very lovable plot the perfect recipe for a more than amusing movie night. Click here for the official movie website

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