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Judith Williams & Alexander-Klaus Stecher: The tumor diagnosis has changed her life

Judith Williams & Alexander-Klaus Stecher after the tumor diagnosis

"After the stroke of fate, God rewarded us!"

The life of TV stars Judith Williams (41) and Alexander-Klaus Stecher (44) is wonderful. She, the successful entrepreneur who sells cosmetics, fashion and jewelry on TV at HSE24. He, the successful actor and presenter. Together, the couple lives with their daughters in the vicinity of Munich. We visited the family ...

Would you have believed that you can experience this happiness?

Alexander: When I first met Judy, I felt that infinite love she carries for people in the heart. I just knew that she would also accept my sons Vincent and Laurin from her first marriage, and she still does so without restriction. The children are all attached to Judy, because she is a kind of "Mary Poppins of modern times".

Judith: My biggest wish has always been to have my own family. That is also the reason why when I was 24 years old I decided against a child and against my voice.

At that time you found a tumor on your uterus.

Judith: Yes, the doctors gave me the choice: After the tumor -OP either continue to be allowed to sing and to be able to get but no more children. Or to do a hormone therapy after which I give birth to children but could not sing anymore.

They decided on a family.

Judith: Yes, although the song and my already remarkable career were my life.

Alexander: Today you have a loving family, a career with HSE24 and your regained voice.

Judith: After all the suffering, God rewarded us. That's why I use my voice, which one day returned, today only for charity. I swore that out of gratitude!