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Anna Wintour gets her own musical

A musical about the Vogue legend? We can hardly imagine that Anna Wintoru makes a face of this thought.
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Parody of the Vogue boss celebrates its premiere in New York

A musical starring Vogue boss Anna Wintour will premiere in New York in mid-August. What the piece is about and why the fashion legend will hardly like it, we reveal here.

If imitation is the highest form of recognition, Broadway-size Ryan Raftery is arguably the planet's biggest fan of Anna Wintour. And on Monday night, the actor honors his muse. With songs. On stage. "Ryan Raftery Is The Most Powerful Woman In Fashion" is not just the name of his show, it's the name of his incomparable ode to the legendary boss of US Vogue.

Of course, this is not the first time that Anna Wintour has inspired (we're just thinking of Anne Hathaway and "The Devil Wears Prada" ...), but as the US side The Cut reports, Anna Wintour says Musical a young Wintour career highlight on the program: The cover shoot with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. In short: #TheWorldsMostTalkedAboutCover.

But Ryan Raferty does not want to be misunderstood: He does not want to give Kimye even more attention than they already get, his musical is about Anna Wintour's experiences around the cover shoot. Including a scene in which the Vogue boss is quoted in the office of SI Newhouse, the owner of Condé Nast, and is afraid to be fired - singing, of course, this is about a musical, with "Let Her Die ", a parody of" Let It Be ", on the lips. Yes, the song is about Kim Kardashian. Everything invented? Sure, of course. Entertaining? That remains to be seen.

The Anna Wintour musical "Ryan Raftery is the Most Powerful Woman in Fashion" celebrates its premiere in New York on August 11, with further screenings scheduled for Fashion Week in September. Maybe Anna Wintour will be in the audience, but we think she already has some other Front Row dates at the time.

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