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The Mini is back! Pixie-Cut: The new trend hairstyle of the stars

With short hair you always look the same? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that!

Practical pixie! "House of Cards" star Robin Wright does not need five minutes for her look.
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You just have to look at our pixie favorite celebrities on the red carpet: Styling variants without end!

Short hair not only makes life easier, it also looks damn good. Dozens of celebrity ladies are proving this at the moment: Actress Robin Wright becomes a strict style model in the series "House of Cards". The platinum blonde Miley Cyrus managed to turn her image with the Pixie cut. Erin O'Connor (all - and more - in the gallery above) has even taken a firm spot in the Model A class with their androgynous shortcut since the 90s. And also stars like Tyra Banks or Lena Dunham cut off the manes. Just posted: Katy Perry with new shorthair plaster. And even if it was probably just an April Fool's joke: That too looks great!

Why half Hollywood is now on Pixie-Cut ? Because he is so changeable! No joke, the two to ten centimeters can always be styled differently : wild disheveled or dandylike smooth - it depends only on the styling. The only drawback: every 4 - 6 weeks to regrooving, otherwise you look like Lord Helmchen. The always freshly trimmed look can then write film history. The legendary look of Mia Farrow in "Rosemary's Baby" (cost an incredible $ 5, 000 in 1968!) Sparked a hype. And the current trend wave again inspires many short-determined. The question remains: when do you dare?


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The Hollywood stars are getting braver when it comes to trading their long hair for a fashionable pixie cut . But the trend hairstyle is not for everyone. We reveal what to look for:

Who is the pixie-cut?

The cut emphasizes the face and hides nothing. He is therefore women with small, oval face shape, fine facial features and prominent cheekbones.

Who can not wear the short hair?

You would not recommend this look if you have strong curly hair or frizzy hair. Even with very flat, round face shapes, this cut is less advantageous.

Necessary mustard collar courtesy of @karen_walker

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I asked for the Kris Jenner

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