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Markus Lanz and Angela: Now they are looking forward to a baby

Markus Lanz with his wife Angela Gessmann
Photo: Getty Images

Romantic yes-word in the mountains

The scent of grasses and fruit trees lay over the Val Badia near Bressanone (South Tyrol). In the midst of the picturesque mountain scenery, TV presenter Markus Lanz (42) and his bride Angela Gessmann (28) gave their say in the chapel of St. Kassian, decorated with white floral arrangements. The day before, the wedding guests, including Jörg Pilawa (45), arrived. Together with the bridal couple they started a hike, which was decided with a cozy hut magic. After the romantic wedding there were special delicacies. As a close friend of the newlywed couple, celebrity chef Alfons Schuhbeck (62) did not want to spoil their guests with culinary delights. With their surprise appearances Udo Jürgens (76) and Howard Carpendale (65) provided the right mood. Until after midnight they celebrated under the stars. Now they are looking forward to a baby. Mother-in-law Anna Lanz (77) revealed to NEUE POST: "When I asked her at the end of last year, Angela said, first she gets married and then the children come. I believe her, she is very strict Catholic. "Anna Lanz raves in the highest tones:" We have a very wonderful relationship. She is always cheerful, nice and obliging! "Also to Markus's siblings Angela maintains a special friendship. Ideal conditions for a harmonious family life - and for babies. >> These stars are having a hard time marrying ...

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