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Funny Video: Dog saves masters for no reason

Good exercise for an emergency: dog believes he has to save masters

This video is further proof of how deep the friendship between man and animal or man and dog can go.

When he sees his master seemingly helpless floating in the water, the dog does not hesitate for a second. With a big jump, the animal hero plunges into the water to help the young man, who is obviously threatened with drowning. Skillfully, the dog pulls his master out of the water.

What the faithful caring four-legged friends in the short time did not notice: The young man actually needed no rescue. He just let himself drift a bit in the water and dived freely. So his dog saved him from the water for no real reason .

Nevertheless, we do not want to sweep the dog's "heroism" under the carpet. After all, it is a great exercise for an emergency. The young man now knows that he can rely on his four-legged friend in any situation - this video shows it clearly.

What does a faithfully caring dog do when his master is suddenly floating in the water? Of course, he will jump behind - even if no help is really needed.

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