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Multi-talented microwave: Fresh bread and crispy chips

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  1. This lemon still has juice
  2. Tomatoes are easy to peel off
  3. Poppy chips are crispy
  4. Swarms become germ-free
  5. Bread - as fresh from the baker
  6. How to dry herbs
  7. Stamps go off


Thawing, cooking, warming up - that's what we expect and know from the whirring box. We'll tell you what the microwave can do.

This lemon still has juice

Especially hard lemons and limes again give a lot of juice when you heat the fruits in the microwave for about 10 to 20 seconds. Then they can be pressed out really well, and you get at least three times more juice than if the fruits were not heated,

Tomatoes are easy to peel off

For some recipes, the tomatoes should be peeled. For that, heat them in the microwave for about 30 seconds. Allow the tomatoes to cool for another 2 minutes and then peel off the skin with a small kitchen knife.

Poppy chips are crispy

If you're not one of those who empty a chip bag in one go: Put old chips on a kitchen towel - it absorbs moisture - and heat them in the microwave for a few seconds. They are as crispy as fresh chips again.

Sponges become germ-free

Scientists from Florida have researched it: sponges and cloths in the microwave in two minutes to 99 percent germ-free - more reliable than washing. But: The cleaning accessories must be moist and metal-free.

Bread - as fresh from the baker

Stale bread becomes fresh again when you wrap it in wet kitchen towels, put it in the microwave and check it every 10 seconds to see what the condition is. If the bread is fresh and crispy, please bite powerfully! Which helps at least as well: a sliced ​​apple.

How to dry herbs

Before unused herbs are used, they should be preserved. This works best if you dry marjoram and co. Do not place more than a handful on a kitchen towel in the microwave for about 3 minutes. Now they are crumbling.

Stamps go off

If you want to replace stamps from a letter or a postcard, the following tip is very helpful for you: Sprinkle the mark with a little water and heat the letter / card for about 20 seconds. This makes it easy to remove the brand.

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