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Funny Video: Kids are painting with paint

The brothers let their creativity run free!
Photo: Screenshot / Mihai Patriche

Paint differently!

These two brothers have a lot of fun behind their ears. After the children paint themselves with paint, their father starts a fun interrogation!

Children want to discover the world. From time to time, however, they come up with ideas that in retrospect may not turn out to be so clever. In this case we are dealing with two artists.

How quickly do you manage to paint as much color as possible on your brother's body? The siblings in the video obviously followed this question very thoroughly. The result is bright green ears, red hair and a pretty angry dad. But the longer you look at the funny video, the more it becomes clear to the viewer: For educational reasons, it is indeed strained to sound strict, but in truth the daddy does not find the situation any less funny than his children. The seem a bit intimidated.

The video shows two little brothers in the shower who have experimented with color. If you look into the painted faces of the children, you get a faint idea of ​​what the artist's studio might look like. After his father's acidified mood, his sons seem to have left quite a mess. In the shower he starts an interrogation.

The severity works. But when the two brothers start blaming each other, the situation becomes so hilarious that even the father can not hold back. Again and again he breaks out laughing. With the guilty eyes in the midst of the colorful faces you can hardly be angry. The children have left no mark, they are painted all over with paint . The funny video brightens us the day!