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Will GNTM Nathalie get thinner and thinner?

Germany's Next Top Model: Nathalie Volk

Sure, as a model you have to be slim. However, some candidates of Germany s Next Topmodel seem to be overdoing it.

Will GNTM Nathalie get thinner and thinner?
Photo: @nathalievolk on instagram
Ex-candidate Nathalie Volk shocked with this image.

Already during the ninth season of "Germany's Next Top Model" was the motto among the audience: Either you love candidate Nathalie, or you hate them. Because the 16-year-old has her own head. Even after the end of the season (Nathalie Volk came in the semifinals), she divorces the spirits. An Instagram picture, in which she looks dangerously skinny, commented on the one worried, the others admiring.

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"I love your character, " wrote a fan on the black and white photo Nathalie shared on Instagram on June 25, 2014. Another commented shocked: "Just hope you take a little bit. I'm worrying. I was anorexic myself, that was not nice. "

Two months earlier, things looked different (picture left). Nathalie has always been slim, but she has had something more on her ribs and a more feminine figure. Whether the young model has really decreased so much or just pulled in the stomach and chose an unfavorable angle for the photo? Let's hope it's the latter.

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