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10 years longer living with cycling

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Okay, that biking is healthy, we know. But you have to pedal properly, so it brings something, right? "Mistake, " says Prof. Martin Halle - and gives us courage: "Even a small, regular workload is enough, and it can significantly extend life." His recipe: a combination of no smoking, lots of vegetables and fruits, low alcohol and not just occasional endurance sports. "Regular exercise and increased energy expenditure initiate rejuvenating processes in the body, cycling for 30 minutes three to four times a week, extending life in health by about ten years."

And why is cycling so healthy?

" Cycling is the optimal cardiovascular training, " explains the professor. "Because it lowers the blood pressure, reduces the risk of heart attack, but it is not too exhausting and also does the psyche very well, " explains Prof. Halle. He gained these insights not only through his scientific work and the treatment of patients, but also through his own experience as a two-wheeler fan.

"When cycling, the heart pumps two to three times as much blood through the vascular system, and the lungs absorb up to twice as much oxygen as at rest, " says Halle. "Also, the circulation in the smallest veins, which provide all our cells with nutrients and oxygen, improves, in the long run, even new blood vessels, and the general stamina increases, " says the sports physician. Biking is also worthwhile for people at risk of cholesterol: "The bad LDL cholesterol sinks, but the good HDL cholesterol increases - an important factor against the aging of the vessels."

And according to Prof. Halle, one can also stop the decline in bone mass and density, which starts around the age of 25 years. This makes regular cycling a precaution against osteoporosis.

Balm for the soul

"In addition, bicycling is good for the psyche, " says the expert: "Those who pedal regularly are happier and more balanced, even when working at stress, for example." Research shows that after 30 to 40 minutes of cycling, the hormones of happiness become endorphin and adrenaline Increased secretion in the brain, which may even help with depressive states or other mental health problems.

It is never too late

Even for older people, according to Prof. Martin Halle, the entry into this endurance sport is feasible. "About 75 percent of body weight is carried by the saddle." Arms and legs are correspondingly mildly loaded, if you cycle comfortably. It is important that one exercises the coordination carefully first, for example, one drives first only short distances in traffic-calmed areas and makes enough breaks. Of course, a bicycle helmet is included.

Tips on how to get started with this healthy hobby and which bike suits you personally can be found on the next page.

Discover Germany by bike

Experiencing Germany's Diversity: The General German Bicycle Club (ADFC) offers many tips for cycling tours on the Internet and, as a special, the certified ADFC quality bike routes :

Recommended reading

Prof. Dr. Martin Halle: "Cells like to cycle", Mosaik Verlag, 208 pages, 19.99 euros

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