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New from old: Freshness cure for Grandma's treasures

Photo: deco & style
  1. Desire to make your own
  2. New from old: style mix
  3. Make old again: The paint is off
  4. Turning old into old: a great idea
  5. Trend color meets tradition
  6. Transformed from old: transformed
  7. Place of honor for an antique heirloom
  8. They do not belong to the old iron

Desire to make your own

Heirlooms give a personal touch to living spaces. And they tell whole life stories. Let's just put our own stamp on chests of drawers and blankets.

New from old : style mix

Picture above: Who would have thought that different furniture epochs would work so well together? This example shows that you can combine an aging buffet cabinet with a modern sideboard. To do this, securely fasten the top of the old sideboard to the wall and place a simple chest of drawers ("Malm", 160 x 48 x 78 cm, 155 euros, Ikea) underneath. Turned pillars (home improvement market or junk) create a visual link. Conversely, the buffet lower part can also be seen with a white, glazed wall unit

Make old again : The paint is off

Less is more - proves this dressing table. It was freed from the dusty paint and now radiates lightness. To do this, dismantle all the knobs, then work the wood in small sections by brushing piece by piece stain. After the exposure time, remove the dissolved lacquer layer with a spatula or sponge. If paint residues are present, repeat the process. Then treat with finer abrasive paper (from 80 to 120 grit) and replace the fittings. Important: wear gloves and mask when removing stains.

Turning old into old : a great idea

How do you decorate simple bedspreads? Crochet lace, z. B. of table linen or borders in patchwork look, apply to colored fabrics and sew on the blanket.

Trend color meets tradition

Naughty, cheerful and anything but stale, folkloric objects look like a bold paint. Here we have treated antlers and a cuckoo clock with spray paint in trendy tones ("Single Pink" and "Mission Green", each about 4 €, Tip: remove the movement first (leave) or tap it very well.

Transformed from old : transformed

Grandma's old desk becomes a pretty kitchen sideboard! A nice coat of paint in crisp green, new handles and feet are needed for the transformation. And the worn leather surface is replaced by a heat-resistant stainless steel plate. Who then attached shelves to the wall and ceiling, receives a counter for working and storing. Extra tip: drill three small holes in three metal shells at the same distance, and make a hanging basket with key rings and steel chains (hardware store).

Place of honor for an antique heirloom

An ornate metal tray comes out on the wall very big - namely as an elegant magnetic board for photos and notes. Tip: Stick magnets behind disused brooches - this is how you get romantic pins.

They do not belong to the old iron

Nostalgic cans serve as practical consoles. Simply drill two holes through the inner surface of the metal cans and screw the cans into the (previously drilled hole and dowel) wall surface. Put the lid on top and attach the boards with double-sided adhesive tape.

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