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Funny Video: So Get Up Fun!

The pig can not resist the delicious biscuit scent.
Photo: youtube / prissyandbomber

Unusual wake-up method

Deep and firm, the pig slumbers under his blanket. Whether a delicious biscuit can move it to get up?

A nap can be sooooo nice! This is also the house pig in this video . Comfortably cuddled, it lies under a blanket. Only his trunk and a few bristles peek out from underneath. It looks like nothing and nobody can move the pig to get up. Or does it?

His master has come up with something to wake the pig. He puts a delicious biscuit right in front of the pig's trunk. Nothing happens first. Only very slowly, the pig seems to rain. It smells the delicious smell of the pastry and breathes it deeply. But it is only when the pig is sure it is not dreaming that it comes out from under its blanket to enjoy the biscuit with relish. Satisfied, the pig chews the biscuit. Of course not without loudly smacking. A second treat will not be long in coming.

After the pig has eaten everything, it falls asleep happy and satisfied again. This funny video you must have seen!

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