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Dining area: On the best way to hospitality

Floor plan: living and dining areas merge seamlessly into each other.
Photo: Living idea

Ground floor WOHNIDEE house 2010

The dining area combines kitchen and living area. Reduced in design, it still adds warm and inviting to the overall picture. Come guests, he shows himself from his generous side.

Maximum free space

The living and dining areas blend seamlessly into one another and cover a generous 43 square meters - enough space not to compete with each other. At right angles to the L-shaped floor plan, the rotatable wood-burning stove (gray circle) forms the visual pivot: thanks to its position, it can radiate heat to both areas of the room without any problem. From two sides, floor-to-ceiling windows let in plenty of natural light, from which couch corner and dining area benefit.

Modern but cozy

The dining table is - with white seats on steel skids - stressed factual. The fact that it does not look too cool is due to the harmonious distribution of light and dark tones throughout the living area . For larger events, up to ten guests can sit at the table. By the way, with the different colored panel curtains one can not only control the incidence of light, but also very nicely change the room atmosphere.

Manufacturer: Wall color color recipes "Caffe Latte": Alpina. Chairs, each about 579 euros: Hülsta. Sisal carpet, 200 x 290 cm, about 259 euros, pendant lights "Havana", 20 x 13 x 120 cm, about 189 euros, wooden vase, about 90 euros, mortar, granite, Ø 13 cm, about 20 euros: man Mobilia XXXL. Wind light "Lights & Flowers", approx. 49 Euro, glass bowl, approx. 49 Euro: Villeroy & Boch. Curtain fabric: Hem & Viebahn. (As of 11/10)

Hidden qualities

Cutlery and table linen are stored in a drawer of the dining table. It blends harmoniously into the furniture with its grained wood of brown-brown ash - and can stretch to 260 cm with an extension plate.

Manufacturer: Dining Table "Now No. 14 ", about 849 euros, drawer, about 189 euros: Hülsta. Cutlery "Modern Grace", from approx. 9 Euro: Villeroy & Boch. (As of 11/10)

Hospitality served

The joy of cooking and enjoying is undivided here: Only a cooking island separates the kitchen from the dining area. Plates and bowls are stacked visibly in their open shelf side - so comes a little restaurant flair on the blackboard. Practical side effect: The dishes are always at hand. An extractor hood disposes of the food odors. The table is set, the guests can come. And because the ash wood top is so beautiful, you do not have to hide it under a blanket. The wood grain fits perfectly into the color concept of natural shades, to which the silkscreened silk curtains form a tasteful frame. Linen table runners create islands for glasses, atmospheric tealights and a festive crystal chandelier.

Manufacturer: Dining Table "Now No. 14 ", about 849 euros, chairs, each about 579 euros: Hülsta. Candlesticks "Retro Accessories", approx. 99 euros, "Modern Grace" glasses, from approx. 21 euros, "Modern Grace" cutlery, from approx. 9 euros, napkin rings, set of 4, approx. 8 euros, "Dover" carafe, about 90 euros: Villeroy & Boch. Table runner, about 8 euros, placemats, purple, about 4 euros: man Mobilia XXXL. (As of 11/10)

Pleasure in the square

The rectangular dishes of the series "Modern Grace" adapts not only formally but also in terms of color to the table runners. Gray platters make the white porcelain really shine: ideal presentation plates for your cooking skills. Incidentally, white porcelain is very popular right now.

Manufacturer: Tableware "Modern Grace", from about 25 euros: Villeroy & Boch. (As of 11/10)

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