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Boy with skin disease wants to die - but then his fate turns

Photo: Screenshot Facebook / Morgans Mission

Pain every day: Morgan suffers so much

Five-year-old Morgan Bishop suffers from food allergies, asthma, kidney disease, and painful eczema on his body. For the little boy it's hard to bear - but then his life turns.

The diseases have the life of little Morgan Bishop under control. A normal everyday life is hardly possible for the 5-year-old from the UK. He can not go to school regularly. Even a healthy sleep does not get the boy anymore. not to mention playing lessons with his friends. Because: His pain is too big. Since Morgan is two years old, his condition has deteriorated. Especially the skin has to suffer a lot. His mother Dana is desperate and reports in an interview with "Metro" that her son's skin often looked like "he had been acid-etched."

Posted by Morgans Mission on Sunday, July 5, 2015

Parents need to watch helplessly as Morgan's situation worsens and they are certain: "Over the years, we've lost some of Morgan's personality." When the little boy is five years old, he can not stand it anymore. "He came to me and told me that he would rather be dead than to continue to fight the pain of the eczema, " Dana Bishop told Metro .

Posted by Morgans Mission on Saturday, January 3, 2015

In order to treat his ill skin optimally, the Bishop family would have to travel to a special therapy center in France for several weeks. But that's expensive. The treatment costs around 12, 000 euros. Money, which unfortunately Morgan's family does not have.

Desperate for the son's death wish, the parents start a donation call on There people touch the story of little Morgan - and they donate. After a short while, the required amount is actually together. "We are overwhelmed by so much support" writes the family on the donations page. The rest of the money will be used by the Bishop family to purchase additional therapies, special clothing, a water filter for the shower and sink, and homeopathic remedies.

Subsequently, the family wants to help other children with Morgan's disease - and make the society aware of this rare phenomenon.

Posted by Morgans Mission on Tuesday, July 7, 2015