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Marianne & Michael: "We have overcome grief by believing in the good

Together they are strong: Next year the couple celebrates their 40th anniversary as a vocal duo
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After all the blows of fate

Contagious was their harmony, once the success. But suddenly it seemed that luck had left Marianne (59) and Michael Hartl (63). Both lost their beloved mothers. Your TV shows have been discontinued. And then her faithful bitch Lucy died († 12). The folk music dream couple withdrew.

Now Marianne talks about the planned new beginning and her life today.

Have you taken a break?

Marianne Hartl : Yes, but our fans are very sad that our shows are gone. For our 40th anniversary in 2013 we celebrate our return - with concerts, new CD, and, and, and ... Our songs will have a more modern style, but dialect and feel will remain.

Last time you had to deal with a lot ...

Marianne Hartl : The death of our parents was very painful. But we did not want to be beaten down, we overcame the sadness with our belief in the good. Today there is no melancholy, but much joy and gratitude. Where one door closes, the next opens!

Are you playing on your little grandson (1)?

Marianne Hartl : He is our greatest luck! Today, the little boy comes back to visit us. There's nothing like watching him grow up.

Would you like to have more grandchildren?

Marianne Hartl : Of course! A second grandchild would be a present.

They look very family-friendly.

Marianne Hartl : That's very important to me. You can and you have to give something back to the elders. This is a matter of the heart for us. That's how I last looked after my favorite aunt, my godmother. She was lying in the clinic with fractures.

Has your fear of illness got bigger?

Marianne Hartl : We live very healthy and take precautions once a year. Everyone should do that.

They also had to cope with the death of their dog ...

Marianne Hartl : We often think of "Lucy". This pain is deep too.

Now Winnie (7), your West Highland Terrier, must fill the void.

Marianne Hartl : Recently it was almost over with him! He barked at a Rottweiler. And that bit too. Fortunately, the vet only found bruises. I suffer with an animal like with my children.

Back to your break: what has changed?

Marianne Hartl : Time has rearranged our lives. We started clearing out our houses. We have learned that we have to let go. Now we enjoy every day - it's our best time.

And now you really want to throw yourself back into the hype?

Marianne Hartl : We make everything much more aware. For example, in July, my jewelry line is celebrating its third birthday. With the shopping channel QVC I have the chance to design chains, rings and pendants myself. My customers know: beautiful jewelry does not have to be expensive.

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