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What was going on there? Shock for Andrea Kiewel on ZDF television garden - live TV scandal!

The "ZDF TV Garden" with presenter Andrea Kiewel is one of Germany's most popular TV formats. The last broadcast received criticism - this was the real drama behind the scenes.

Andrea Kiewel moderates the popular show "ZDF Fernsehgarten".
Photo: Thomas Lohnes / Getty Images

A total of 1.86 million people turned on again on Sunday from 11.45 clock on ZDF the "TV Garden". The live show with the popular presenter Andrea Kiwel has now been sharply criticized: Too many gender clich├ęs in the "women against men" edition criticized some viewers on the social networks. But the real scandal was another ...

ZDF TV Garden: shock for the fans

In fact, Pietro Lombardi was supposed to appear in the show on Sunday (2.6.). Numerous fans traveled to Mainz for the ZDF studio. The singer sat in the car for four hours. But his performance did not come because the ZDF did not let him in his Oufit on the stage .

As always, Lombardi wore his cap - the hallmark of the 26-year-old. That's exactly what he should stop selling. " People, little complication, I'm not at the 'TV Garden', " says Pietro in his current story on Instagram, " because the lady said that I can not wear my cap." I drive back home now (... She says to me, I should appear without Cappy. "Allegedly, the ZDF offered him to mask the logo. "But that's a lie, " says the father of a son.

TV Garden without Lomardi: This is how the ZDF reacted

Of course, it immediately hailed a shitstorm for the station. On Instagram, news gathers from disappointed fans: "laughable, " "pity he can not perform, " and "why last year?" Are just a few comments. With the question, a fan plays on the "TV Garden" appearance of the DSDS winner in 2018, when he wore exactly the same cap.

The ZDF responded promptly to the scandal: " Pietro Lombardi had a cap with a very noticeable branding on it. We asked him not to wear this cap. Then Pietro decided not to perform . "

And Andrea Kiewel? As a pro, the former competitive swimmer simply moderated the program. Pietro stated that he would never want to perform on the ZDF Fernsehgarten. The spectators are guaranteed to turn on again anyway.

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Our two teams look great, are full of energy and are looking forward to today's Battle @ sonjakirchberger @magdalenabrzeska @susan_sideropoulos & @ david.odonkor @ lutz.vanderhorst @massimo__sinato Thanks to @joachim_llambi, who ensures a fair point distribution today!

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