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This time: houseplants, storage space and much more

Preview Laura live creatively September

The next issue will be available from 13th August 2009


Nature in homely format: attractive indoor plants, perfectly integrated, ingeniously presented in beautiful containers - care tips included

Before-after: Old kitchen, very modern. With colored lacquer fronts and effective light to new shine

More storage space in the bedroom: suggestions that can be seen - practically as well as visually


Dahlias - how the stars of the late summer best develop their color power and diversity of varieties


Pink and Mandarin: colors that now change the tone


Enjoyment outdoors: Dinner at dusk - imaginatively presented, lovingly decorated

Creative ideas

16 pages Special: Do it yourself for women - step by step to success

Use in 4 walls special

Reportage: From the nightmare to the dream house. The new episode of "Use in 4 walls". The great TV and reading fun with Tine Wittler!

And also...

Hallway: This is how you put all your shoes down

Reportage: Family life in the renovated half-timbered house

Nursery: Fresh breeze with maritime ideas

Other Countries: Inspiring for the personal style of living

Before-after: Color connects, eg living and dining area

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