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Gülpe is the darkest place in Germany

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Gülpe is a dream for stargazers

Stargazers beware! If you want to enjoy an incredible starry sky without light pollution, you do not have to travel so far: on to Gülpe!

Gülpe is a place about 70 kilometers northwest of Berlin. 160 inhabitants. Small, contemplative - and the central point of contact for enthusiastic stargazers in Europe.

Because Gülpe was declared by the "International Dark Sky Association" the first star point in Germany. No other place in Germany has less light pollution - that means nowhere you have a clearer view of the starry sky!

No wonder it gets so dark in the evening. Because this place is really remote. There is no supermarket, not even a school or a pub. So nothing that could dazzle the traveled star gazers.

From Gülpe, the Milky Way can be seen with the naked eye without stray light. For an even better view of the starry sky interested people would have to travel to Namibia or Chile.

Since it became known what a unique view of the starry sky in Gülpe is possible, the small town is visited more frequently. Also outside the regular Astro meetings. By 20 percent, bookings at the local boarding house of the Hammer family are said to have increased.

The construction of a star observatory will attract school classes and other interested star gazers in the area. But already there are organized, nocturnal tours with nature park guides.

Everything about a trip to Gülpe in the beautiful Westhavelland can be found on the website of the Tourismusverein Westhavelland .

Further information about events for those interested in the stars can be found at Sternenpark Harvelland.


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