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LUSH PRIZE 2015 - These people are EXCELLENT!

Young Researcher Ilka Maschmayer (29)
Photo: PR

Is it enough for you? Are you tired of reading anything else about this currently shocking world?

Then look forward to the following lines for the LUSH Prize 2015, because this event has really given me back the hope for a better world. Since LUSH exists, there is consistently no animal testing. This basic philosophy has been consistently promoted since 2012 with the annual prize for activists and researchers who work against animal testing and develop alternatives.

In fact, this is not just about an award ceremony and the collection of almost 450, 000 euros in funding. Throughout the day, international scholars and activists exchange ideas in seminars and lectures to accelerate progress. There are already many animal-free experimental methods, the change is driven forward. You can feel the world is learning from each other.

Despite the noble evening gown, I seldom experienced such a family and positive atmosphere at an event during the award ceremony in the evening. It goes without saying that the food was vegan, and that even a currywurst lover like me even tasted it was not taken for granted.

Soko animal protection founder Friedrich Mülln

What contributed to the family atmosphere was definitely the seating arrangement. Although there were place cards, but no preferred "VIP tables" or otherwise. Winners, representatives of the press and employees of the company were sitting at the tables mixed. I was lucky enough to sit next to the founder of Soko Animal Protection, Friedrich Mülln, and his personality has really impressed me. A clever strategy, a consistent planning and an incredible professionalism characterize the Soko animal welfare team.

The whole world is watching this campaign. Where are you on 28.11? Hand in hand against animal testing.https: //

Posted by SOKO Animal Protection on Sunday, November 22, 2015

In the background conversation with the activist, the meticulous preparation of some actions has reminded me of some Hollywood classics. Enlighten, unveil and thus bring about change - there is deliberately no aggressive approach. How do you do that, if you as an animal rights activist are confronted so directly with the suffering during investigative action (as in the research laboratory Tübingen)? In fact, not everyone can endure that, but they can do it by keeping the positive goal in mind.

There are always situations in which despair and compassion wants to gain the upper hand. What does it bring if the undercover agent rescues a monkey in action? Then the ONE monkey is indeed saved, but one flies up and can no longer prevent further animals from being misused for research in the future. Having such a rational mind at the same time with such an emotionally driven task is really very impressive. You just have to have respect for this talent and life in the conflict.

I also have a lot of respect for the excellent junior researcher Ilka Maschmayer (29) who, after 10 seconds, notes that she is burning for her job. Who counts here only in the approach with "Big Bang Theory" clichés, here is definitely a lesson. Intelligence and emotions are more common in this research level. However, with her know-how and dedication to her research on "body on a chip", Ilka is truly a very committed person. So much passion, fire and enthusiasm and that in one branch of research, which will spare so many animals suffering in the future, ultimately gives one the hope for the good in man.

All the people who have been honored combine an incredible empathy and the belief in a better world and a better world without animal testing would be a nice start.

One of the founders of Lush: Mark Constantine

Lush co-founder Mark Constantine makes it quite clear that this step is not so easy and always accompanied by a great responsibility: "We can only help with the price because our customers place their trust in us. This trust is probably the best part of my job, but also occasionally the reason why I wake up at three o'clock in the morning and hope to make the right decisions. We pass this responsibility on to the winners with the award and the grant money. Every one of them has to go on the ladder and give the very best. "

Brian May, guitarist of Queen, who also works for animal welfare.