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Lederhosen for the Oktoberfest: the alternative to dirndls

Fesche Madels take care! There is a cool alternative to dirndl: Lederhosen.

Lederhosen in traditional look (by Heine) are a great alternative to the Dirndl
Photo: PR

O'zapft is ... In High German: The Oktoberfest is rising from September to October on the Munich Theresienwiese!

If you do not want to buy a dirndl for your first Oktoberfest visit, or if you simply do not feel like wearing the classic Oktoberfest costume, you should try this combo: Lederhosen mit Kerstuch und Chucks. Add a shirt and a hat and the stylish Oktoberfest wagon is ready!

Also a great outfit idea for the Oktoberfest: pull a red and white plaid blouse under the leather pants . A chic eye-catcher for the cleavage is a necklace in edelweiss design (see photo).

Acquired a taste?

We show the most beautiful Lederhosen with Alp-Appeal in our picture gallery. So you can score points in the rest of Germany. Holla Radio!

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