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Store food properly: Useful MHD tips from Yvonne Willicks

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  1. Tips for proper storage
  2. Preserving foods: How to fill your fridge properly
  3. Many foods last longer than expected
  4. More tips in the program by Yvonne Willicks

Tips for proper storage

Every year, 6.7 million tons of food are thrown away in Germany. One reason for this: many foods are stored incorrectly. The MHD tips from Yvonne Wilicks can help.

Every year we throw Germans about 82 kilograms of food per person in the trash. Many foods are disposed of as a precaution. Often it is not really clear if they are still edible or not. In case of doubt, the products then move into the garbage bin.

The expiration date (MHD) is misleading. A large number of food could be eaten even after the expiry date without any reservations. Instead, they are thrown away. Vegetables, meat and Co. are no longer durable after a short time, even the wrong storage can be a reason for this. Household expert Yvonne Willicks, here with helpful tips for the right refrigerator storage helps you to dispose of less food in the future.

Preserving foods: How to fill your fridge properly

Unlike perhaps many suspect, the same temperature is not everywhere in the fridge . As the air circulates inside, different cold zones are created. At the very bottom, it is the coldest with about 2 degrees, as cool air sinks down. It should be about 5 degrees in the middle of the refrigerator. In the upper compartments are about 10 degrees normal. When storing your food, you should take this into account.

In the upper compartments of the refrigerator, it is best to store cheese and already cooked dishes. These should not be stored too cold. Other dairy products such as yoghurt or quark foods should be stored at lower temperatures. They are best kept in the middle of the refrigerator. The shelf life of fresh fish, meat and sausage is best supported by storing these foods at the bottom of the refrigerator where temperatures are lowest. Even fruits and vegetables should be stored at the bottom. The best in the designed drawers.

Each food has its own place in the fridge.

Incidentally, many products are also wrongly thrown away. Just because the expiration date has been exceeded does not mean that food is really not fresh enough to consume. The MHD does not mean the disposable date.

Many foods last longer than expected

In the case of dry products such as rice, pasta or tea, the BBD often does not matter - as long as the packaging remains closed. Even yogurt is usually much longer shelf life. You just have to keep it refrigerated. For other products such as cream or milk, it is advisable to orientate yourself to the smell. Because even here an expired date of minimum durability does not mean that the food can no longer be consumed.

More tips in the program by Yvonne Willicks

Additional information and tips will be available on October 27 in the first episode of the program 'Household Check with Yvonne Wilicks'. From 8:15 pm, the expert in the first one will focus on the theme: "Can I still eat this? The business with durability".