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"The Big Bang Theory": Penny in a new look

"The Big Bang Theory": Season 8

Who would have thought: Kaley Cuoco's serial character "Penny" in "The Big Bang Theory" changes radically in Season 8.

"The Big Bang Theory": Penny in a new look
Photo: CBS / ProSieben
Hair off - and already turns Penny from naive "All American Girl" to business woman. Whether Leonard likes it that way?

Ever since Kaley Cuoco's Pixie-Cut in June 2014, we've been wondering which hairstyle the actress will wear as "Penny" in the new "The Big Bang Theory" season. CBS gave the answer: Pixie cut too! Although the new hairstyle does not symbolize a separation from Leonard, Penny separates from some aspects of her life so far.

How will it continue? There is wisdom from Sheldon Cooper!

Attention spoilers!

At the end of season seven, Penny and Leonard finally got engaged. And Penny gives up her dream of acting. In season eight, the bustling blonde starts a new job as a pharmaceutical sales representative for Bernadette's company. Penny is in this serious job, which incidentally also requires more serious outfits, quite unexpectedly fully in their element. Only Leonard bothers - typically man - at Penny's higher paychecks.

Sheldon and Amy are also stressed after she and Leonard Sheldon have to pick up from a police station. Sheldon committed one, in the eyes of his girlfriend, a big faux pas: In his emergency he called Leonard and not Amy. She does not think that's great.

So it seems to change a lot in the life of our favorite nerds! We are now looking forward to 24 more episodes with perhaps very exciting twists. We really wonder what other stories Season Eight will bring. And how it's supposed to continue with the characters in Season Nine and Ten. Hopefully the script writers do not go out of the way!

In addition, we are really happy that it has come to a continuation of the Nerd series. For almost long-lasting salary negotiations had stopped the filming. The US fans will not have to wait much longer, because that's where the eighth "The Big Bang Theory" season will be aired on 22 September 2014.

That's what the Big Bang Theory stars deserve now !!!