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Jordan can not move her hands, but make-up perfectly

"Making my makeup is exactly my cup of tea, " says Jordan Bone, 25, of Norfolk, England

Jordan can not move her hands, but her makeup is perfect
Photo: Istock

, Nothing special. Presumably, many Jordanian-born women would say that about themselves. But Jordan is something special: she had an accident, is paralyzed, barely able to move her hands and she sits in a wheelchair.

But one thing nobody takes away from her: her own personality. And that includes make-up. And that would make so many make-up artist pale.

Jordan has a happy life: She has a boyfriend, two dogs and a great family to support her. And these lovely people give her the self-confidence with her disability to lead a self-determined life.

At age 15, the young Briton had a car accident. She broke one of the upper vertebrae and has since become paralyzed below the chest. Her arms can lift her. Your hands do not really move though.

Everyone can imagine how difficult it is to put on make-up. But Jordan does not give up. Contributes piece by piece to how she can make up her face perfectly despite her limitations . Because that, she says, is just part of her personality.

Her video on her own Youtube channel has been clicked unbelievably 3.3 million times. We think, rightly so, because Jordan gives people with handicaps the courage not to hide, but to show the world open who they are. Respect, Jordan, we love not only your make-up, but also your great courage!