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John Travolta mourns for his dogs

John Travolta's dogs run over by transporters

John Travolta & Kelly Preston
John Travolta had to accept the tragic loss of his two beloved four-legged friends on Thursday, May 13th. These were run down at Bangor International Airport in Maine after the Hollywood star asked an employee to walk with the dogs. A statement from the city states, "On Thursday, May 13, 2010 is approximately one o'clock in the morning a plane with John Travolta's family landed on the BIA. During their stay, two small dogs were run by someone who was not a family member. A pickup truck from the airport approached the plane and overlooked the dogs. Unfortunately, the dogs were run over and died. "Rebecca Hupp, head of the airport, expressed her sympathy to Travolta, his wife Kelly Preston and their ten-year-old daughter Ella, who told the Bangor Daily News, " The airport is taking security matters very serious, many planes land and take off without incident, this was obviously a regrettable accident, and the family has our deepest sympathy. "It is not yet clear if the dogs were not kept on a leash and the previously unknown employee has to answer,