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Hyperlapse: Why we love the new, free App from Instagram

Like a pro: The Hyperlapse app ensures amazing video quality.
Photo: iTunes / Hyperlapse

Finally shake free videos with the iPhone!

End with blurred movies in poor quality! With Hyperlapse mobile phone videos are taken to the next level. We reveal why the app is just right at the beginning of Fashion Week.

With Instagram , less spectacular snapshots can turn into small works of art within a few seconds - but this was not so easy with videos. Good that the resourceful Instagram developers have taken on the problem and make us happy with a new, free app: Hyperlapse .

The English term "hyperlapse" refers to a time-lapse film technique that also uses the app. But not a video sequence with shaky recordings comes out, but a film of amazing quality, which of course can share Instagram and Facebook with friends and followers.

For this purpose, the Hyperlapse app uses the built-in image stabilizer of the iPhone and an algorithm, which ensures that the video sequences are output without wobbling. These can then be scalped and cut together as desired.

Above all, some fashion editors and bloggers could put this into raptures: At the start of New York Fashion Week next Wednesday, the Hyperlapse App is just right! Gone are the days when you could get hold of some shaky snapshots of the passing models from Front Row . We are already looking forward to video footage directly from the catwalk!

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