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UGG Boot: Now it's back with a new design

"They are sooooooo cozy", "They keep you sooooo nice and warm" ; Ugg boots supposedly have a lot of advantages. However, they have never opened to me.

New design: the Ugg boat reinvents itself
Photo: PR

Why cut back on the design just to keep the foot warm? As my friend recently said, " There are beautiful winter shoes."

BUT ... and now comes the big but: Even an all-time favorite like the Ugg boat has to change from time to time. And that's why Ugg's 37-year history now brings the boots in a new design in the limited edition Classic Luxe on the market. And those - I must admit - do not look so bad either. Somewhat discreet, not so clumsy anymore and most of all no longer the obvious Ugg design.

And yet, the new boots are probably just as warm and comfortable as the classic. Rusty brown, gray tones and playful details provide a fresh breeze in the house of Ugg and let me even think again about the teen boots with questionable image. Maybe in the winter I will stomp through the snow with an Ugg boat.

To buy there are the models in the online shop and selected stores. They are between about 230 and 300 euros.